Black Thought Quilombo: LabEt promotes diasporic knowledge in 18 meetings

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The quilombo is an advance, it is to produce or reproduce a moment of peace. Quilombo is a warrior when he needs to be a warrior. And so is the retreat if the fight is not necessary. It is a wisdom. Life continuity, the act of creating a happy moment, even when the enemy is powerful, and even when he wants to kill you. The resistance. A possibility in the days of destruction.

Maria Beatriz Nascimento

From August 8, and until December 4, every Thursday, at 6 pm, the Ethnomusicology Laboratory research group, in partnership with the NEGÔ research group and School B from BATEKOO platform, promote the Black Thought Quilombo series / space.

By placing African black and diasporic black thinking in formative spaces, and especially in universities, as valid knowledge, and as epistemology, the realization of the 18 encounters with black thinkers aims to hatch the great production of existing knowledge produced by blackness.

Understanding that the role is of the collective, the group makes this action public and networked by the aspect that many voices, subjects and forces will be imbricated in it, taking into account what Mel Duarte signals: “We want more than historical reparation, seeing our people in evidence and this is not a request”.

For the outlying, diasporic, Atlantic, resilient blacks, the aquilombar is a possibility on days of destruction. Thus, the goal of the Black Thought Quilombo is to study, dive, reflect, debate the epistemological production of African blackness and afrodiasporic, with ways to build a quilombo in us, for us and with us.

Among the guests researchers are Fernanda Felisberto, Jonathan Raymundo, Antonieta Adam, Jorge Vasconcellos, Wallace Lopes, Sílvia Barros, Renato Noguera, Rodrigo France, Hélio Menezes, Marina Mattos, Janaína Damasceno, Samuel Lima, Roberto Borges and other pairs committed to our Quilombo.

Quilombo do Pensamento Negro
Encontro mensal - palestras - discussões
Escola de Música da UFRJ – Prédio III
Edifício Ventura* – Av. República do Chile, 330, Torre Leste – 21o. Andar
Centro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CEP 20031-370

* É necessário o comparecimento com pelo menos 20 minutos de antecedência do horário marcado, para retirada do crachá na portaria; para usar os elevadores, é preciso digitar o número 21 e apertar a tecla confirma; é vedada a entrada no edifício de visitantes trajando bermuda e/ou chinelos.