Call for abstracts for Alberto Nepomuceno International Symposium

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The Research Group Interdisciplinary Studies in Musical Sciences, from UFPel, CESEM-ESMAE-P. Porto and the Polo Caravelas Brasil Research Group from Graduate Program in Music of UFRJ announce the holding of the International Symposium Alberto Nepomuceno, in the city of Porto, Portugal, between October 15 and 16, 2020, as a reminder of the centenary of the death of this important Brazilian composer.

With this, we invite researchers and musical researchers to send works that address historical, musical, philosophical, or other topics of interest, linked to this composer or his historical period, with relevance to his relationship with Portugal.

Submissions for oral communications will be accepted until the deadline of June 10, 2020, to be sent by e-mail, with the subject ‘Submission’. There is no registration fee.

Submissions must follow the following rules:

  • The following languages are accepted: Portuguese, Spanish, and English.
  • The works must be original and unpublished.
  • Submissions can be individual or co-authored.
  • Each author may submit a single submission.
  • Submissions must contain the name (s) of the authors, academic affiliation, electronic address, title, abstract (between 400 and 500 words), bibliographic reference of up to ten entries, curriculum vitae of up to 150 words, audiovisual resources (if applicable). The summary should address the further development of the theme, the methodology, and the new contributions it proposes. Oral communications will have 20 minutes of exposure.

Accepted papers will have their abstracts published in the Annals of the International Symposium Alberto Nepomuceno. Publication of the outstanding works in the e-book format will follow further guidance.

Disclosure of the researchers invited, planned artistic activities and locations of the events will follow soon.

More information and updates can be followed at the link below.

Simpósio Internacional Alberto Nepomuceno – Chamada de Trabalhos