Proceedings of the III Interdisciplinary Conference on Sound and Music in Audiovisual

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(Panelists in the photo: Rodolfo Coelho de Souza, Vicente Reis de Souza Farias, Asdrúbal de Novaes Savioli e Rodolfo Caesar)

The Graduate Program in Music of UFRJ is pleased to announce the publication of the Proceedings of the III Interdisciplinary Conference on Sound and Music in Audiovisual, 2018 edition.

The volume contains 18 full articles, organized in 8 sections: Pre-existing music in the audiovisual; Music, musical and audiovisual genres; Music in the documentary; Musicals; Video clip; Frontiers between sound and music in the audiovisual; Theoretical aspects of sound and music in the audiovisual; Live performances of music and sound in the audiovisual.

The articles were selected by a committee of blind referees, with a scientific commission made up of renowned researchers in the field, at a national level.

Luíza Alvim, Pablo Mendoza, Joice Scavone e Alexandre Brasil

Under the coordination of Luiza Alvim, researcher and post-doctoral student at PPGM-UFRJ under the guidance of Prof. Rodolfo Caesar, the Interdisciplinary Journey of Sound and Music in the Audiovisual is an event with round tables, lectures, concerts, book launches and workshops, gathering researchers of sound and music on diverse audiovisual objects. It corroborates and legitimizes the existence of an interdisciplinary field that has grown in recent years, both in Music, in Cinema / Communication and in Arts, with the emergence and proliferation of articles, dissertations and theses.

The Proceedings of the III JISMA, as well as the individual articles, can be checked in the UFRJ Portal of Journals:


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