Harry Crowl talks about musical poetics and context in the premiere of the virtual version of the Composers’ Project

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The Composition Department of the UFRJ School of Music, with support from the UFRJ Graduate Program in Music (PPGM-UFRJ), invites teachers, students, and the general public to resume the Project Composers series, in a virtual format. At the premiere, which takes place on Monday, August 31, at 6 pm, the guest is renowned composer Harry Crowl.

The 2020 series will consist of autoethnographic documentaries, where the poetics and creative thinking of the composers are themed, with the presentation of their works and illustrations in audiovisual format. After each exhibition, a live conversation with the composer will be opened to the public.

The resulting material will be deposited on the PPGM-UFRJ YouTube channel, thus becoming a source of consultation for the academic and musical community.

The recovery of all videos of the live sessions, which have taken place since 2013, is also underway.

The Composers’ Project is an initiative of the Composition Department of the UFRJ School of Music, in collaboration with the Music and Technology Laboratory (LaMuT) and with the support of PPGM-UFRJ, which promotes lectures by renowned composers, at the national and international, with masterclasses for undergraduate students in Composition.

In progress since 2013, the Composers’ Project has so far invited 26 composers, under the coordination of profs. Liduino Pitombeira, Marcia Taborda, Marcos Nogueira, Pauxy Gentil-Nunes and Yahn Wagner.

Monday, October 31
Video release – 18:00
Conversation with the composer – 19:00

Conducted by the Composition Department of the UFRJ Music School
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