Michel Chion and the dossier “Sound and Music in the audiovisual” are highlights of the new edition of Revista Brasileira de Música

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The Graduate Program in Music at UFRJ announces the release of volume 33, no. 1, of the Revista Brasileira de Música. The issue brings the thematic dossier Sound and Music in the audiovisual, organized by the group Ritmo, Corpo e Som (Rhythm, Body, and Sound). Rodolfo Caesar and Luiza Alvim are the guest editors of the dossier.

This volume is part of a series with dossier organized by research groups at PPGM-UFRJ. The format allows visibility of the works developed by the community of researchers, teachers, or students, inside or just in contact with the program staff.

The issue also includes the section Memory with a republication of an article by Paulo Silva about Carlos Gomes, of great historical interest, commented by Roberto Macedo. The Articles section has contributions dedicated to the composers Carlos Gomes and Edino Krieger.

One of the highlights of the volume is the exclusive and original interview with the French composer and theorist Michel Chion, in direct dialogue with Luiza Alvim.

Finally, the section Brazilian Music Archives presents an original edition of String Quartet, No. 3, 1st mov., by Alberto Nepomuceno, executed and commented by João Vicente Vidal.

The following link gives access to issue 33, volume 1, of the Revista Brasileira de Música. 🔗