Musical texture and the Theory of Integer Partitions in MatUrca 8

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On the 14th of August, at 19:40, prof. Pauxy Gentil-Nunes presents a lecture at the event Mathematics in Urca – MatUrca 8, promoted by the School of Mathematics of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State – UNIRIO.

MatUrca 8 takes place from August 13 to 16, at the School of Mathematics, which is part of the Center for Exact Sciences and Technology – CCET, located at Av. Pasteur 458 – Urca – Rio de Janeiro / RJ.

The program includes cards, conferences, oral presentations, short courses, speakers and a guitar recital with Clayton Vetromilla.

The lecture is entitled “Interactions between musical texture and partition theory”, and will include the foundations, applications and latest productions of Partition Analysis, which is a proposal for formalizing musical texture using Partition Theory as a fundamental tool. The theme is the object of research of the project Surface and structure in applications of Partitional Analysis (2018), developed by the research group MusMat, within the line of research Poetics of Musical Creation.

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