MusMat – Brazilian Journal of Music and Mathematics 2019 (I) launched

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The MusMat Research Group announces the launch of another edition of MusMat – Brazilian Journal of Music and Mathematics.

The 2019 edition, first semester, brings together articles by Marianthi Bozapalidou, Guerino Mazzola, Daniel Moreira, Rael Toffolo and Michael Winter.

The authors have distinct profiles, intersected by the contribution to the field of research on the interaction between music and mathematics.

Bozapalidou has articles published by Springer International and his research deals with affinities between contours and their relationship with sequential automata.

Guerino Mazzola (University of Minnesota) is currently president of the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music (SMCM). He is also the author of the application of Theory of Topos to musical analysis through the book, referential for systematic musicology, The Topos of Music. In the article, Mazzola a mathematical construction of musical time through concepts derived from the theory of gesture.

Daniel Moreira is a PhD student at the Graduate Program in Music at UFRJ, guided by Prof. Pauxy Gentil-Nunes, with coorientation of prof. Robert Morris (Eastman School), and holder of national awards in composition. His work presents the concept of textural spaces, as a contribution to the formalization of musical texture.

Rael Toffolo is professor of Musical Theory at the State University of Maringá (UEM) and researcher in the field of Ecological Psychology, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science applied to the composition. Toffolo presents the implementation of the Harmonic Network of Pousseur in SuperCollider for applications to live-electronic music.

Michael Winter is an experimental composer, independent researcher and speaker at universities around the world, especially the Americas and Europe. Founder of the wulf. group, he is also dedicated to the application of his theoretical works to performance. Winter offers a comparison between Tenney’s work on harmonic distance theory in harmonic space and Leibniz’s letters to Christian Henfling, where a similar idea was developed 300 years in advance.

The MusMat Journal is a biannual publication that brings articles on the interaction between music and mathematics and its applications in music analysis and composition. Since 2016 has articles by renowned authors of the area, such as Richard Cohn, Robert Peck, Dmitri Tymoczko, Robert Morris, among others.

MusMat – Brazilian Journal of Music and Mathematics – vol III, no. 1 – June 2019