MusMat Group launches new issue of MusMat – Brazilian Journal of Music and Mathematics (Vol. III – No. 2)

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The MusMat Research Group is pleased to present a new issue of MusMat – Brazilian Journal of Music and Mathematics (Vol. III – No. 2).
In this issue, David Clampitt (Ohio State University) presents an overview of scale theory through word combinatoriality, and particularly the interaction between notes and words. Hugo Tremonte de Carvalho, professor of the Graduate Program in Statistics of UFRJ, presents an introduction to Markov chains oriented to applications in music composition and analysis. The article by Stephen Guerra (University of Miami) examines the relationships between rhythmic soil and timeline structures in Afro-diasporic music, presenting four techniques for understanding Baden Powell’s solos as samba timeline cycles. Professor Carlos Almada (PPGM-UFRJ) proposes the reformulation of the basic structure of a recursive algorithm proposed by Douglas Hofstadter in order to introduce new transformational tools in music. Finally, authors Adolfo Maia (UNICAMP) and Igor Maia (UFMG) present an analysis of Gyögy Ligeti’s Music Ricercata I and II, from the perspective of Information Theory and Complexity, including some of its textural techniques.

The MusMat Research Group was founded in 2013 within the UFRJ Graduate Program in Music, with the purpose of developing research in the formalization of musical processes (compositional and analytical) using mathematical models. So far the group has the participation of teachers, students, and external members, accumulating a significant list of publications, artistic and technical productions. The group has also participated in several congresses abroad and nowadays has an intense dialogue with the national and international community interested in the interaction between music and mathematics.

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