Performance Today Group opens the 5th Journey of Mixed Music at UFRJ (full program)

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The research group Performance Today performs on the 2nd and 3rd of September 2020, from 10 am to 5 pm, the 5th Journey of Mixed Music at UFRJ – Tribute to Rodolfo Caesar’s 70th birthday.

The event will have a remote format, via Streamyard and live transmission via Youtube.

The event proposes to hold study sessions each semester that include various virtual/remote and face-to-face activities, such as commented concerts, round tables, lectures, meetings, and debates, always public and free. These meetings bring together artistic, cultural and academic activities on performance and reflection on mixed music today. All activities (lives, lectures, round tables, concerts, publications, posts, and recordings) are open, free, and available to the general public through the main social networks (Facebook and Youtube).

This edition brings together professors, researchers, and national and foreign performers, as well as undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students, professors from UFRJ, guest researchers from the Performance Today research group (PPGM-UFRJ), professors from other public higher education institutions Brazilian and foreign and the general public. The aim is to create an international network of study, research, reflection, and interpretative practice of mixed music, mainly written by live and active composers.

Taking into account the pandemic of the new coronavirus, issues related to artistic-musical and pedagogical creation carried out remotely at the UFRJ Mixed Music Days, to better continue the study of the multiplicity of music listening in the digital age, of issues perceptions that influence composition and performance, and also relationships between analysis and musical performance.

5th Journey of Mixed-Music at UFRJ – Full Program

02 and 03 September 2020, remotely

Live Streamyard + Youtube.

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Youtube 🔗

September 2 – Wednesday

Session 1 (in English) 🔗

10:00 am – The role of agency in ‘liveness’ and mixed music collaboration Kerry Hagan (Digital Media and Arts Research Center – University of Limerick, Ireland)
10:20 am – Using interactive digital systems in the mixed electroacoustic music context Sérgio Kafejian (FASM)
10:40 am – Sentimental Anticomputer: Technology, Interactivity, and Tropicália Vicente Alexim (City University of New York)

11:00 am – Round table

12:00 am – 2:00 pm – Pause

September 2 – Wednesday

Session 2 🔗

Tribute to the 70 years of the composer Rodolfo Caesar

2:00 pm – João Svidzinki (Paris 8 University) interviews Rodolfo Caesar (UFRJ)
3:00 pm – Round table with Rodolfo Caesar (UFRJ), José Augusto Mannis (Unicamp), Fernando Iazzetta (USP) and Lilian Campesato (NuSom-USP).

Moderation – João Svidzinski

03 September – Thursday

Session 3 🔗

10:00 – The acoustic-acoustic mix
Silvio Ferraz (USP)
10:20 am – The musical composition from the perspective of post-humanity Felipe de Almeida Ribeiro (UNESPAR)
10:40 am – Collaborative composer-interpreter process in the creation of an experimental opera: Helena and her ventriloquist Daniel Quaranta (UFJF / UNIRIO) and Doriana Mendes (UNIRIO)
11:00 am – Interaction and recursion in creative processes from augmented instruments Gabriel Rimoldi (CEMCPC-Uberlândia)

11:20 am – Round table

12:00 am -2:00 pm – Pause

03 September – Thursday

Session 4 🔗

2:00 pm – Mixed music in my musical practice: dialogues, “mikrophonie” and “sound beams” Jaime Reis (ESML, ESART, INET-md Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
2:20 pm – Drama and plasticity in the composition of mixed space-time dynamisms Gustavo Penha (UFMS)
2:40 pm – Dialogues. Interaction between acoustic elements and electro Manuel Rocha Iturbide (UAM-Lerma Mexico)
3:00 pm – Pauxy Gentil-Nunes (UFRJ) and Marina Spoladore (Unirio) – Performance and collaborative composition in Jonas Reborn

3:20 pm – Round table

4:00 pm – Closing – Pedro Bittencourt (UFRJ)