Performance Today Research Group presents the IV edition of the UFRJ Mixed-Music Days on June 4 and 5 (full program)

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The UFRJ Graduate Program and the Performance Research Group today announce the holding of the IV Mixed Music Journeys at UFRJ on the 4th and 5th of June, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM with live transmission through social networks (Facebook and Youtube – link in the schedule, below). The event includes commented concerts, round tables, lectures, meetings, and debates, where artistic, cultural, and academic questions about performance and reflection on mixed music today will be addressed.

All activities (lives, lectures, round tables, concerts, publications, posts, and recordings) are open, free, and available to the general public.

The content of the sessions is already available in full at the link below.

IV edition of the UFRJ Mixed-Music Days – videos

The action brings together undergraduate, master, and doctoral students, professors from UFRJ, guest researchers from the Performance Today research group (PPGM-UFRJ), professors from other public institutions of higher education in Brazil and abroad and the general public, to create an international network of study, research, reflection and interpretative practice of mixed music, mainly written by live and active composers.

From May 2020, UFRJ’s Mixed Music Journeys presents a complementary set of remote and live actions, which can be carried out through social networks over the Internet and at UFRJ facilities and in other places outside the university. Questions related to artistic-musical and pedagogical creation carried out remotely are debated, to better continue the study of the multiplicity of music listening in the digital age, the perceptual issues that influence composition and performance, and also relationships between analysis and performance musical.

Check the complete schedule below.

IV Journeys of Mixed-Music at UFRJ (Click here to access)

June 4

10:00 AM – Khorwa-Myalwa, from symbols to musical writing, collaboration as a process (Mikhail Malt – IRCAM)
10:20 AM – Transverse time – Expanded flute: interfaces / collaborations (Cássia Carrascosa Bomfim – USP Ribeirão Preto)
10:40 AM – Creative processes and collaboration between composer and interpreter in mixed-music (Danilo Rossetti – UFMT)
11:00 AM – Round table – moderation Jonatas Manzolli (UNICAMP)
12h-14h PAUSA
2:00 PM – Mixed-music and the ecologic approach of perception (Jonatas Manzoli – UNICAMP)
2:20 PM – From mixed music to musical theater: an experience report (Rodrigo Cicchelli – UFRJ)
2:40 PM – The process of composing two works for a solo instrument and electronic sounds: Poissons Rouges (2020) and Vanishing Point (2017). Luciano Leite Barbosa (Bobigny Conservatory)
3:00 PM – Round table – Moderation José Henrique Padovani (UFMG)

June 5

10:00 AM – Sound events parameterization for video-score (Manu Falleiros – Unicamp)
10:20 AM – Composition with field recordings and dream notes (Alexandre Fenerich – UNIRIO)
10:40 AM – “Sound imaginary”: a collaborative approach to creation, teaching, research and extension focused on digital arts and mixed music (José Henrique Padovani – UFMG)
11:00 AM – Round table – moderation William Teixeira (UFMS)
12h-14h PAUSA
2:00 PM – Contingencies and possibilities for mixed music performance (William Teixeira – UFMS)
2:20 PM – Compositional process in Intarsia, for viola and electronics in real time [2012, revised in 2015] (Tatiana Catanzaro – UnB)
2:40 PM – Instrumental materiality, electronic materiality (Rodolfo Valente – USP / UAM / EMESP)
3:00 PM – Round table – Moderation and closing – Pedro Bittencourt (UFRJ)