PPGM-UFRJ receives prof. Vera Beatriz Cordeiro Siqueira, Coordinator of CAPES Arts Area

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Opening the 18th Research Colloquium of the UFRJ Graduate Music Program on November 25 at 10 am, in room 2116 of the Ventura School of Music Building, the Coordinator of CAPES Arts Area, Professor Vera Beatriz Cordeiro Siqueira (UERJ) will give a lecture on the multidimensional system of program evaluation of stricto sensu postgraduate studies in the country.

Motivated by the need to reformulate the current evaluation model, the adoption of the approach by CAPES takes as reference the model created by the European consortium U-Multirank (UMR) to classify and rank higher education institutions from different countries. The desired improvement of assessment tools in multidimensional perspective would thus lead to the organization of assessment around the five fundamental criteria of teaching and learning, internationalization, scientific production, innovation and knowledge transfer, and economic and social impact and relevance – dimensions assessed according to the vocation or institutional mission of each particular program.

The UFRJ Graduate Program in Music expresses its gratitude from the visit of Professor Vera Beatriz, and invites all the faculty and students of the School of Music to honor their presence among us.

The program of the 18th Research Colloquium can be accessed at the link below.

18th PPGM-UFRJ Research Colloquium – Program