The research group Performance Today presents the VI edition of Electroacoustic Mixed Music Journeys of UFRJ

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The research group Performance Today (PPGM-UFRJ) presents the extension action VI Electroacoustic Mixed Music Journeys of UFRJ, which takes place in remote format from April 27 to 30, 2021, organized by Professor Pedro Bittencourt.

There are two video-concerts with round tables and four sessions with lectures and round tables (in Portuguese and English). The main theme is music and technology, and in this edition particularly the interaction between sound and image, sound spatialization in virtual reality and interactions in real time in mixed music (which combine traditional musical instruments with electronic and computer means).

All activities are remote, open, free and available online to the general public on the main social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube).

This VI edition (see program below) brings together professors, researchers, composers and performers from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Canada, Greece and Germany, in order to stimulate an international network of study, research, performance, analysis and reflection on mixed music.

Taking into account the Covid pandemic19, they also enter into debate at the VI Journeys of Mixed Music at UFRJ questions about research, teaching and artistic-musical creation carried out remote.


VI Electroacoustic Mixed Music Journeys of UFRJ


27 abril Terça-feira / Tuesday

17h-19h Opening multimedia concert and round table — in English


Luz Negra — Concert for flute, multichannel electroacoustic music and video
Luz Negra — A Sonic metaphor on human perception

A one-hour nonstop concert, LUZ NEGRA offers a vision through sound and visual metaphors that immerse the audience into an imaginary exploration of consciousness, perception and some paradoxes of our existence all of which become a personal introspective experience. The innovative format includes the use of different flutes and sounds, electroacoustic music including advanced audiovisual technologies and texts. The repertoire comes from many sound and video sources combined with live improvisation, contemporary concert music, classical music and folk influenced music. It is a project that raises originality in the art of forms and sounds, in accordance with the complexity and diversity of the sophisticated and interconnected listener of today. The project is part of the ONIX Ensemble 🔗 and has been awarded the México en Escena Award through the National Fund for Culture and the Arts in many occasions. Alejandro Escuer and Rodrigo Sigal have performed in multiple concerts in Mexico, Latin America, the United States, Canada, various Asian countries and Europe with great success.

Music by Alejandro Escuer, Rodrigo Sigal, Gabriela Ortiz, Jorge Verdín, Fredy Vallejo, Ake Parmeraud, Mark Applebaum, João Pedro Oliveira, Manuel Rocha and Juan Arévalo. 

Videos by Patxi Araujo, João Pedro Oliveira, Freddy Vallejo, Alejandro Escuer and Sebastián Torrella.

Alejandro Escuer — Flute
Rodrigo Sigal — Electroacoustic
Iván Manzanilla – Percussions

18h Round Table

Rodrigo Sigal (CMMAS/Onix Ensamble/Luminico) 🔗
Alejandro Escuer (Onix ensamble) 🔗
Moderator: Thiago Cury (Água Forte Prod., Festival Música Estranha) 🔗

28 abril Quarta-feira / Wednesday

10h-12hSessão 1

Apresentação da rede de pesquisa brasileira MUSITEC
Tatiana Catanzaro (UNB) 

Sobre “afterlives” (2020), para flauta e processos audiovisuais em tempo-real
José Henrique Padovani (UFMG) 

Processos isomórficos em composição audiovisual
Adriano Monteiro (EMAC/UFG)

Moderador: Silvio Ferraz (USP)

14h-16hSessão 2 — in English

Multiplicative levels of instrumental writing in mixed electroacoustic music
Flo Menezes (PANaroma/UNESP)

Where is the interaction in interactive music?
Hans Tutschku (HUSEAC-Harvard University)

Moderator: Paulo Zuben (ABRAOSC, Faculdade Santa Marcelina)

29 abril — Quinta-feira / Thursday

10h-12hSessão 3 — in English

Connexions between instrumental and electroacoustic practices.
Januíbe Tejera (Butler School of Music / UT Austin)

Interactive Music in Virtual Reality with MaxMSP: two case studies
Phivos-Angelos Kollias (Independent composer/researcher)

Studies on interactivity in “en-co-de/re-le-a-se” for tenor sax and electronic sounds
Tiago Gati (UNESP)

Moderator – Helen Gallo (Independent pianist/researcher)

14h-16hSessão 4

Questões técnicas e estéticas relacionadas à participação em instalações sonoras interativas
Clayton Mamedes (UFPR)

Música eletroacústica povera com celulares
Giuliano Obici (UFF)

A Hibridação como base para uma proposta de análise para o videomúsica
Marcelo Carneiro (UNIRIO)

Moderador: Paulo Dantas (UNIRIO)

30 abril Sexta-feira / Friday

17h – Closing multimedia concert and round table – in English

Vagues (2017) – 14mins
Myriam Boucher (Montreal University, Canadá)

Necesito del mar porque me enseña:
no sé si aprendo música o conciencia:
no sé si es ola sola o ser profundo
o sólo ronca voz o deslumbrante
suposición de peces y navios.
El hecho es que hasta cuando estoy dormido
de algún modo magnético circulo
en la universidad del oleaje.

— El mar, Pablo Neruda

I need the sea because it teaches me,
I don’t know if I learn music or awareness,
if it’s a single wave or its vast existence,
or only its harsh voice or its shining
suggestion of fishes and ships.
The fact is that until I fall asleep,
in some magnetic way I move in
the university of the waves.
– The Sea, Pablo Neruda

Music and video : Myriam Boucher
With Geneviève D’Ortun (saxophones) and Jérémie Jones (double-bass)
Additional recordings: David Ledoux (water)

Del-Em Escenas (2021) – 6mins
Audiovisual version
Carolina Carrizo (FDA-UNLP, Argentina)

Esta pieza surge de un trabajo en colaboración con la percusionista uruguaya Juanita Fernández. Debido a la situación de público conocimiento no ha podido ser interpretada en vivo por lo que ha adoptado diversos formatos alternativos. La pieza explora la impresión del movimiento gestualidad corporal de la performer en el material sonoro y visual a través de sensores y procesamiento en tiempo real.

Empty room (2015/2019) – 10mins
Immersive electroacoustic composition in digital space 3D
Video version
Christine Webster (Université Paris 8, CICM, EnsadLab, France)

Empty Room
immerse in a space without rules or regulations
let everything happen – sense – contemplate 
enjoy the different qualities of a space in perpetual metamophosis
where the sound unfolds what the eyes think they see
one and another confounding – the visible and the invisible
finite in the infinite
in one sole weaved frame

17h45 — Round table

Moderator: Luíza Alvim (UFRJ)

18h45 – Closing – Pedro Bittencourt (UFRJ)

VI Jornadas de Músicas Mistas da UFRJ